How to Hang a Picture or a Mirror

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Bathroom Mirror

5 Tips for Hanging a Picture or Mirror

Everyone has a certain way to hang a picture, but this is my way! These deco hooks are my new favorite thing! This is NOT sponsored, I just love them so much!

This was is so much simpler than drywall anchors or finding a stud, and such a small hole in your wall too!

1. Buy some Deco Hooks, they come in 20lb and 40lb strength.

2. Use painter’s tape to mark where your hooks are on the back of the item your hanging.

3. Put the tape on the wall and use a tape measure and level to make sure it’s balanced and centered.

4. Mark your two spots and push the deco hooks through, if you’re not on drywall (I’m on shiplap in my example), drill a tiny hole.

5. Use your hammer to lightly tap the hooks in and hang your picture or mirror!

Congrats, you’re done! Follow for more DIY Tips, Tricks & Tutorials! @parisashleyhome

Watch a video tutorial Here!

All Materials needed for this project:

•Deco Hooks 20lbs

•Deco Hooks 40lbs

•28″ x 36″ Mirror

Painter’s Tape

Tape Measure


All Materials can be found in this list Here!

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